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Silkolene Pro-RSF 7.5w on Sale!!!
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Silkolene Pro-RSF 7.5w

Price: $18.51

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Style - High-viscosity
Viscosity - 7.5w
Type - Suspension
Model - Pro-rsf
Material - Synthetic
Country of Origin - No
Size - Liter
Model Number - 80069800478

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Price: $18.51

Compare at: $22.95 | SAVE 19%

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Product description for Silkolene Pro-RSF 7.5w

  • Asynthetic technology, high Viscosity Index (VI), racing suspension fluid developed to exceed all current requirements
  • Unique fluid engineering techniques integrate low-friction synthetics with wear resistant additives
  • RSF is thermally stable and provides exceptional performance in air, nitrogen and argon gas filled systems
  • Used by factory teams using Penske, Kayaba, Ohlins, White Power and Showa front and rear suspensions
  • O.E.M. fluid for Penske Racing Shocks and used exclusively by Pro-Action Suspension and franchises worldwide
  • Various grades can be freely mixed for extra fine tuning
  • Category- RACE

Also referred to as: 36080004   430142   36080004Prime  

Silkolene information

Silkolene offers one of the worlds largest ranges of specialized motorcycle and motorsport lubricants developed in our laboratory and tested on race tracks around the world to ensure ultimate performance and protection.

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