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Babe's Boat Care Products Babes Spot Solver - Pint

Price: $11.20

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Model Number - BB8116C

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Price: $11.20
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Product description for Babe's Boat Care Products Babes Spot Solver - Pint

Developed to remove hard water spots caused from mineral build-up. Non-abrasive solution designed for all gelcoat, glass and chrome surfaces. To use: Spray a light mist directly on the surface area that requires treatment. Continues to work as it sets on spots. Leave for up to 20 seconds and wipe with damp towel. Should not be used on surfaces other than specified.

Also referred to as: 614-BB8116C  

Babe's Boat Care Products information

BABE'S Boat Care Products is dedicated to developing quality, commercial grade maintenance products that set the standard for performance and convenience. All BABE'S products are formulated to meet the demands of extreme conditions yet keep maintenance an easy task. And, all BABE'S products are environmentally safe.

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