Castrol EDGE W/SPT 5W-30 Motor Oil

Price: $43.20
Viscosity - 5W-30
Size - 6x1QT
Model Number - 06248

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Price: $43.20
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Product description for Castrol EDGE W/SPT 5W-30 Motor Oil

Product Description

Castrol Edge 5W-30 with Syntec Power Technology Motor Oil is a full synthetic motor oil that contains new, powerful dispersant molecules that suspend particle build-up and fight power-robbing deposits. Additives neutralize acid and corrosive particles, protecting cylinders, bearings, hydraulic valve lifters and other vital engine parts.

Product Features

  • Full synthetic motor oil
  • New, powerful dispersant molecules suspend particle build-up
  • Fights power-robbing deposits
  • Powerful additive package neutralizes corrosive particles, preventing them from grouping together and forming deposits
  • Neutralizes acids that can cause rust and corrosion
  • Protects vital engine parts, such as cylinders, bearings and hydraulic valve lifters

Castrol information

Castrol products were tested and proved at the very limits of endurance. A technique we continue to this day. Many of our lubricants that started out as competition grades have become available to the everyday motorist, allowing millions of people worldwide to share in the benefits of race-proven technology.

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