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Diamonizer ICE-HP Automotive Performance Enhancer

Price: $53.95

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Size - 1 Quart
Model Number - ICE-HP

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Price: $53.95
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Product description for Diamonizer ICE-HP Automotive Performance Enhancer

Diamonizer ICE-HP increase horsepower from 5 percent up to 10 percent (due to reduced engine's friction losses). Greatly extend the life of the engine. Decrease engine's starting torque. Reduce the engine's operating temperature. Compatible with all types of engine oils, Diamonizer(r) requires only one application for most engines. Important Note: It takes up to 30 hrs of engine's running time to achieve maximum efficiency.

Diamonizer information

DIAMONIZER is specifically formulated to quickly and permanently enhance performance of all 4-stroke internal combustion engines (gasoline, gas and diesel) after only one time application. A technological breakthrough in manufacturing has allowed us to produce rounded ultra-hard ceramic particles under 0.4 micron size with no sharp edges. DIAMONIZER is easy to use and is compatible with all types of engine oil.

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