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Flitz BBQ Grill Care Kit

Price: $16.92

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Height - 9.2
Width - 7
Length - 3
Size - 1 each
Model Number - BBQ 41504

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Price: $16.92
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Product description for Flitz BBQ Grill Care Kit

  • Everything you need to keep your stainless steel grill looking its best
  • BBQ grill care kit includes: (1) stainless steel cleaner, (1) stainless steel polish, (1) liquid metal polish and (1) microfiber cloth
  • The stainless steel cleaner with degreaser is great for removing fingerprints, oil, grease, water spots, dirt and much more
  • The stainless steel polish is a premium, water-based polish that leaves a brilliant protective gloss that is dust and fingerprint resistant
  • The liquid metal polish cleans and polishes, removes rust, stubborn water spots, bird droppings and much more

Also referred to as: 41504 - A3S2  

Flitz information

CLEAN, POLISH, PROTECT, RESTORE FLITZ HAS PRODUCTS TO HELP YOU DO THE JOB RIGHT. For over 30 years, Flitz has been a world leader in the manufacture of Premium Polishing Products. During that time, the Flitz brand has become known as The Good Stuff. Ask any user why they buy our products and they will tell you,Flitz just works the best.

And every product is backed with our Flitz Guarantee.

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