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Mobil ATF D/M

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Size - 12x1qt
Model Number - 113126

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Price: $69.95
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Product description for Mobil ATF D/M

Mobil ATF D/M is a super-premium lubricant for car and truck automatic transmissions and other applications that require an automatic transmission fluid satisfying either General Motors Dexron-III (including the new GM DEXRON III H specification) or Fords Mercon ATF specifications. It is generally recommended for automatic transmissions in General Motors cars, vans, and light trucks and for older model imported cars such as Audi, Honda, Mazda, Nissan, Opel, Renault, Toyota and Volkswagen where a Dexron fluid was recommended. For Chrysler vehicles, Mobil ATF+3, which meets Chryslers MS-7176E specification, is recommended for makeup and full fill. Mobil ATF D/M is also recommended for automatic transmissions in all Ford Motor Company vehicles where MERCON ESP-M2C166H or ESP-M2C138CJ fluids are specified. For Ford automatic transmissions requiring M2C33-F (Type F) fluids, Mobil ATF Type F is recommended. Mobil ATF D/M meets the transmission fluid requirements for Allison automatic transmissions and other heavy-duty equipment that requires a Dexron-III fluid. It is approved against the Allison C-4 specification and therefore can be used in Allison Powershift transmissions or other torque converter systems that specify this type fluid. It is also recommended for Caterpillar TO-2 applications Mobil ATF D/M is recommended for power steering units where the manufacturer recommends a Dexron or Mercon fluid. Many car makers recommend against the use of automatic transmission fluids and, instead, require the use of their own power steering fluids to provide maximum hose life and to minimize pump squeal and wear. Mobil ATF D/M also can be used as the lubricating oil in several types of rotary air compressors under certain service conditions. Its low-temperature properties and resistance to oxidation are important factors in meeting the requirements of this service. Good maintenance practice dictates that automatic transmissions be checked for proper fluid levels at regular intervals, and that the fluid be drained and replaced at intervals recommended by the manufacturer. Some manufacturers recommend more frequent changes of transmission fluid under severe driving conditions such as those that occur in heavy traffic, in hot weather, or when pulling a trailer.


  • Excellent oxidation stability helps resist chemical deterioration over long service periods.
  • High viscosity index helps retain adequate lubricating body for severe hot-weather service without thickening excessively at low starting temperatures
  • Corrosion prevention helps provide protection against rusting and corrosion, plus special protection for soldered fittings
  • Foaming resistance contains an effective anti-foaming agent
  • Elastomer compatibility is not harmful to synthetic rubber seal materials.
  • Good lubricating characteristics gives quiet operation, smooth shifting, and excellent wear protection.
  • Controlled friction properties transmission of power is smooth and efficient throughout all normal temperature ranges.

Mobil information

The Mobil family of products/lubricants is known for performance, innovation, and expertise. We are recognized for our advanced technology, resulting in Mobil products being trusted by original equipment manufacturers worldwide. For years, our customers have come to respect the performance of Mobil-branded products and services for their personal and business needs.

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