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Size - 32 oz.
Model Number - DFMS32

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Price: $20.40

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Product description for Valvtect HEAVY DUTY MARINE DIESEL ADDITIVE

ValvTect Marine Diesel Additive is specially formulated for heavy duty marine diesel engines. It was developed to prevent and solve diesel fuel related problems including those caused from the use of ultra low sulfur
and biodiesel.

ValvTect Marine Diesel Additive stabilizes diesel fuel for over two years,
disperses water, prevents sludge and can double fuel filter life. It lubricates fuel injectors and pumps to prevent premature wear caused by ultra low sulfur diesel. It will raise cetane to reduce smoke, diesel odor and soot. Exceeds the Superior rating for clean-up of injector deposits. Improves power output and reduces fuel consumption by up to 6 percent or more.

ValvTect Heavy-Duty Marine Diesel Additive is designed to:

Stabilize diesel fuel for up to 2 years.

Prevent formation of sludge that plugs filters.

Greatly extend fuel filter life.

Disperse water.

Clean, lubricate and extend the life of injectors and pumps.

Raise cetane up to 2 numbers.

Reduce diesel smoke, odor and transom soot.

Reduce fuel consumption by up to 6 percent or more.

32 oz Bottle treats 250 Gallons

Also referred to as: 266-DFMS32   266-DFMS32  

Valvtect information

ValvTect Petroleum Products is the nation's leading supplier of fuel additives to fuel marketers, truck stops, fleets, railroads and the marine industry. ValvTect manufactures and markets gasoline, diesel fuel, and heating oil additives that are formulated to improve fuel quality, improve engine performance, and extend engine life.

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